Hillary’s Record


Hillary, along with Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party, has piled National Debt taxes on America for the next fifty years, raised insurance costs by an insane amount, left American ambassadors unprotected on the anniversary of 9/11, been criminal in allowing foreign governments to access classified emails with the names of American secret agents, and lied lied lied.  Enough said.

It Is Wrong to Suggest Profanity

We have changed our position.  We no longer believe that it is not wrong to suggest profanity.  The reason we have changed our position is this:

When one suggests profanity, for example, by using “b____,” one is using the mind of another person to produce the profanity in their mind.  The use of the other person’s mind in this fashion is a misuse of their mind.  It is like using a hunting rifle to kill a person instead of a deer; it is a misuse.


It is wrong to suggest profanity.